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The ARBM is a continuously monitoring unit. The ARBM is wireless. The ARBM does not need any pre-conditioning of the rock bolt. The ARBM fits any size, load and type of rock bolt. The ARBM is cost effective and requires no periodic service. The ARBM is a safety device not a research tool.



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It works with most types of rock bolts including: Anchor-, Friction-, Inflatables-bolts, 
Cable, Grouted or Non-Grouted. It fits most common rock bolt sizes and matches all loads. The ARBM does not compromise the performance of the rock bolt.

As a result of its  Hybrid Energy System, the Alert Rock Bolt Monitor (ARBM) has a design life of 23 years with no battery replacement or man-hours spent on inspection and service. The ARBM is truly a cost effective safety enhancement. 

The ARBM system is wireless. It is meant for mass installations while not interfering with traffic or work under ground. The ARBM monitors 100% of the rock bolts, 100% of the time.

The ARBM come pre-calibrated  or can be field calibrated at installation without need for instruments. Custom calibration or recalibration can be done in less than a minute using an easy to follow color-code. The ARBM will not add installation time.

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